Monday, December 22, 2008

kalid baek do u think the people around u will feel bout u?
akmal such a nice person. huh. kalid..ermm..akmal is better la..yeke nih? haha.

2.who is the most important to u?
to me??myself la.. u think u have enough confident
confident 4wat??enough jelakan...hua3 many babies u want
babies??bley wat sup x?

5.what do u realy want
now9A in my pmr

6.what is ur bad habiterr..?
bad habit??im such a go0d girl..who is perfect..kah3 u have x secret crushhuh

8.what does flying means to uflying??
mule2..flying pastu unflying??mcm 2ke??oku i tink.ahah

9.r u single/relationship
relation ship.with the owner of ship..

1o.what r u supposed to doing
ermm..xde timetable..s0..ske ati ak la..nk wtper

11.what have you done to urself to make urself hapy
ermm..lepak ngn kengkawan?

12.what r u hoping 4?
9A in my pmr

13 person u want to tag
ahhh.onyone la..

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